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As you search for an answering service we know you have many options.  Telephone Answering services come in many sizes offering a wide variety of pricing plans and most importantly each has a unique operational strategy.

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“Offer Your Customers a true live answering service”
Live Answering Service

Physicians, business owners, and professionals are confronted with many options these days.  Automated voice mail, internet browsing mobile devices, and offshore call centers have turned what was once a simple industry into a huge network of service providers.  Traditional live answering service is still the most stable and reliable solution.  A Live Answer, Inc. maintains its position as a leader in the industry by combining all of your communication options with live answering service

Live Answering Services are becoming rarer these days as voice mail and automated attendants are becoming more prevalent much to the dislike of the actual people calling.  Stand out amongst your competition and offer your customers true “Live” customer support after hours.  Having a live caring voice answering your after hours calls will be an absolute delight for both your business and its callers.  Thought having a live person answering the phone was too expensive, well think again.  A Live Answer, Inc is now offering its superior quality and affordable services nationwide at no additional charge.

Our company is owner operated and maintains the feel of a family owned business.  We began in 1989 with a handful of doctors in South Florida and now serving a multitude of industries across America.

“Bilingual Live Answering Service from A Live Answer Inc.”

Bilingual telephone answering service is something we've been doing since day one.  Our bilingual operators allow you to service the growing Hispanic community.  All of our bilingual representatives are masters in English and Spanish, both spoken and written.

All Services can be customized to fit your individual needs. Please call us today at 800-355-2650 or request a free quote here.

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