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As you search for an answering service we know you have many options.  Telephone Answering services come in many sizes offering a wide variety of pricing plans and most importantly each has a unique operational strategy.

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Electrian Answering Service

Electrician Answering Service

Answering service equipment has evolved from a telephone and paper message slips to a wide variety of state-of-the-art messaging equipment.  Incredible features like SMS, email, fax, digital caller ID, and patching are just some of the add-ons that we have the foresight to invest in.  Our answering service system is equipped with every feature available in the answering service industry.

Along with features, our equipment delivers detailed billing and reporting.  Clients of A Live Answer, Inc. pay only for what they use.  There are no relay charges or holiday fees.  Our reporting includes the caller ID information of each call making auditing your answering service bill a breeze. 

Answering service is our core business; we do not service large campaigns, media response, order taking, or any other project that could impact the quality of service our existing clients receive.  More information about our answering service strategy can be found on our about us page.

Our answering service is family owned and operated with over 2 decades of experience.   

A Live Answer, Inc. delivers personalized telephone answering service at a fair price.  Join our answering service family and enjoy all of the features at a great price.  We are confident that A Live Answer will be the last electrician answering service you will ever need.




Like the electrician business, there is no room for errors in the electrician answering service business.  Our company is a proud to provide the highest quality service in the industry.  Having an answering service that works to the same high standards you do can make the difference and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our electrician answering service is owner operated and staffed with bilingual agents.  All of our operators are trained in electrical terminology and what to expect when handling electrical related calls.   Operators are continuously monitored and coached to ensure every electrical emergency call is with precision and care. 

Our redundant telephone switch and messaging software allow us to send your messages instantly via SMS or email to your wireless device.  You can reply to our messages making the communication via wireless 2-way.  This is a great way for you to let us know you received the message.  Any Electrician looking to streamline after hours emergency calls would benefit from high-quality electrician answering services provided by A Live Answer, Inc.

Best of all, our prices are easy to understand and there are no hidden charges.  For as little as $79 per month, you can separate yourself from the competition by having the best electrician answering service.


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