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Reliability - Our company maintains a 100% up time policy achievable through our use of a 3-point network.  Our dual-servers and telephone switches are located in a facility in the southeast US.  This facility has multiple forms of data and energy backup systems.  Our offices in South Florida and Virginia can operate independently or via the central switch.  In the event that either office becomes inoperable, calls can be routed to the other, even if our servers are down.  Since employing this technology our clients have never experienced downtime.  This system was put into place after the lesson of Hurricane Andrew.  Later storms that affected South Florida, even during power outages, did not result in any downtime.

Accountability - Our system allows us to track every call, whether its answered or not.  From the first ring, every call is assigned a tracking number and can be viewed with the caller ID information and list of ring, talk, and hold times.  In addition, our call logging system can usually provide us with a recording of the call.  Call recording is available only in certain states due to privacy laws.  Both owners are available to our clients ensuring the highest level of accountability.

Price - Simple billing and a reasonable price is what brings many of our clients to our doors.  Starting at just $79 per month, our service is affordable for any size business.  Usage charges are based on operator time t0 the second.  Calls are not subject to any minimum or rounding up.  There's never a setup fee or a long term contract with A Live Answer.  All agreements are month-to-month.

Compassion - Servicing Hospice facilities and funeral homes makes this essential.  Many of our callers require special attention because of their situation.  The owners of A Live Answer work diligently to ensure that team understands and delivers compassion when necessary.

Technology - The intelligent answering system we employ is the Rolls-Royce in the industry.  Our system in particular is equipped with every feature that the vendor offers.  If it can be done by another service, we can do it, more efficiently and at a better price.  The creators of our technology infrastructure have worked directly with the manufacturer of our system to create new features and improve the functionality of the system.  Our sites have served as beta-test facilities for new applications that have shaped the industry.

Security - Our company's owners have been asked on many occasions to assist our equipment vendors and even our competitors in the arena of security.  One of those occasions was in 2007 when we participated in the creation of a large collection facility serving 4 major US banks.  Some of the methods we employ include a paperless office, closed circuit cameras, telephone monitoring, and a sophisticated ID badge system.

Bilingual operators - Located in the heart of Miami, Florida, A Live Answer has always been a bilingual service.  Our local Miami answering service clients have demanded this service since we started doing business in 1989.  As we expand our services to be a national answering service, our new clients enjoy the benefit of being able to serve the Latin community.  All of our bilingual services are included on all price plans at no additional cost.

Values - The owners and many of the staff members have worked through many difficult situations to make sure that our clients always get A Live Answer.  We reward all team members that go that extra step.   Allowing us to answer your business phones after hours is something we consider to be a privilege.  We want to keep that relationship with you as long as you need an answering service.  More important than understanding the value you bring to us, understanding the value you expect us to bring to you and your callers is what separates us from many of our competitors.

All Services can be customized to fit your individual needs. Please call us today at 800-355-2650 or request a free quote here.


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