Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Service
How are we different from other Medical answering services?

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As you search for an answering service we know you have many options.  Telephone Answering services come in many sizes offering a wide variety of pricing plans and most importantly each has a unique operational strategy.

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The "medical answering service" industry was created to meet the needs of physicians.  Today those needs are much more complex and constantly changing.  Our family-owned and operated medical answering service provides traditional answering service combined with extensive medical training and attention.  Choosing the right medical answering service to handle your after-hours medical emergency calls has never been simpler.  A Live Answer Inc, started as a medical-only answering service which we quickly outgrew as we saw the need for service in additional markets.  But we continue to deliver only the highest quality medical answering service available.

Medical Answering services that base their pricing on each individual client’s usage can consistently deliver quality.  During the holidays answering services normally see a huge increase in call volume.  We guarantee that you will never notice a difference in our answering service quality at the holidays.  By charging a fair but metered price we are never caught by surprise and unable to meet your needs.  When choosing a Medical Answering Service, there are many factors to consider including the price.  Which is why A Live Answer, Inc has always charged fair and affordable prices for all of our medical answering services.

All of the technology and features you’ll ever need are standard including SMS, email, daily message logs, caller ID, and more.  Medical Answering Service by A Live Answer, Inc translates into reliable, stable and dependable service.

The medical community is constantly changing and A Live Answer, Inc likes to keep up to date with these changes.  For this reason, we were one of the first in the medical answering service to offer, text SMS paging, SMS with a reply, web on-call scheduling and many others that have kept us on the edge of tomorrow.  The time to partner with the best medical answering service is today.

Features are great, doing business with a family-owned and operated business will impress you more than the features.  Our owners review every new client’s implementation and are easily reachable by phone. 

Call us today at 800-355-2650 and join our family of medical clients who enjoy excellence in medical answering service. 


 A Live Answer is an owner-operated medical answering service.





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