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As you search for an answering service we know you have many options.  Telephone Answering services come in many sizes offering a wide variety of pricing plans and most importantly each has a unique operational strategy.

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If you work for a Hospice facility and you're shopping for an answering service you don't need to look any further.  Only those of us who have had the privilege of meeting those of you that work in Hospice can understand the needs of your patients and their families. 

All of the operators at our telephone answering service are trained on how the Hospice program works.  Operators are qualified before they are allowed to work the call queue that contains Hospice calls.  Once an operator has passed the test they are then interviewed by the owner for one last qualification, compassion.  We know that it takes a special person to handle Hospice calls and it is for this reason that they are not in the general answering service call queue.

Our company is located in South Florida, allowing us to provide completely bilingual answering services.  This allows your Hospice facility to communicate with Hispanic callers around the clock.  Our bilingual operators are available to translate a Spanish call into an English text message. 

In the heart of Miami, we have been servicing doctors and hospitals in the Miami-Dade County area since 1989.  Our clients have included The University of Miami, Miami Children's Hospital, and the Dade County Medical Association.  Many of our clients have their testimonials posted on our website.  

Our equipment and telephone lines are state-of-the-art which allows us to provide answering service to Hospice facilities across the country.




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All Services can be customized to fit your individual needs. Please call us today at 800-355-2650 or request a free quote here.


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