Call forwarding instructions

Basic Call Forwarding Instructions

These instructions will work for most call forwarding users.

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Call Forwarding – Multiple Lines

Everything you’ll need to know if you have more than one telephone line in your office and using call forwarding.

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Remote Call Forwarding


This service will allow you to set up your call forwarding service from any location using a Touch-Tone telephone. This means you will not have to physically be in your office to be able to forward, or un-forward your calls.

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Call Forwarding Busy Line

Have your calls forwarded to your answering service or any telephone number when your line is busy.

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Live Answering Service and Call Forwarding

Forwarding your calls to your cellular?  It works sometimes but usually the call you miss is the most important.  Eliminate missed calls by combining call forwarding with 24/7 live telephone answering service by A Live Answer.

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Call Forwarding No Answer

While this feature can be combined with the Call Forwarding Busy Line feature it's also great for users with multiple lines.

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Call Forwarding Troubleshooting

A list of some common Call Forwarding challenges and useful solutions.

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Asterisk Call Forwarding and Feature Codes

Instructions on call forwarding your Asterisk phone extension to the answering service.  A list of the most common Asterisk feature codes is included for answering service users.  This list is a great tool for answering service clients using Asterisk, PBX in a Flash, AsteriskNow, and TrixBox.

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Call Forwarding instructions by provider :

AT&T – call forwarding instructions
Qwest - call forwarding instructions
Verizon – call forwarding instructions