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As you search for an answering service we know you have many options.  Telephone Answering services come in many sizes offering a wide variety of pricing plans and most importantly each has a unique operational strategy.

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Choosing the right answering service in Miami to handle your after hour emergency calls has never been easier.  A Live Answer, Inc is proud to offer high quality affordable live answering service to all businesses in Miami, Florida.  Having a reliable Miami Answering Service is essential to stand out amongst your competition and deliver the level of care your clients deserve.  A Live Answer, Inc is a leader in the Miami Answering Service community and strives to be the answering service of choice for its customers.  If you are unhappy with your current or previous answering service we strongly encourage you to contact A Live Answer, Inc today and discover the difference of our Miami Answering Service.  

Hiring an answering service should be easy, but selecting the wrong one can be disastrous and costly.  Our Miami Answering Service expertise includes: medical answering service, doctors answering service, HVAC answering service, plumbers answering service, electrician answering service and many more.  Combining the latest technology with highly skilled operators A Live Answer, Inc offers unparallelled superior Miami Answering Services.  When just no other answering service will do and you are in the Miami area give A Live Answer, Inc a call.

What makes us stand out over other answering services in Miami, Florida.

* Friendly Operators.

* On site owner.

* State of the Art equipment.

* Fair & Affordable pricing.

Partnering with A Live Answer, Inc for all your Miami Answering Service needs is the best decision you will ever make.  We encourage anyone in the Miami area looking for dependable and reliable answering service to contact our office today at 305-222-7888.   




Beginning operations in Miami, Florida with a modest dream of growth in South Florida, A Live Answer now provides bilingual answering services nationwide.  A Live Answer currently provides superior Telephone Answering Service to many Miami, Florida and national companies utilizing our 24-hour state-of-the-art Call Center.  All of our services are available in English and Spanish at no additional charge.  Affordable superior quality answering service is now available to all businesses in the Greater Miami-Dade Metropolitan area.  We strive each day to be the answering service of choice for our Miami clients.   

Miami Answering ServiceOur Answering Service History in Miami

The owners of A Live Answer have a long history is the Miami Answering Service Community. Our roots go back to the days before call forwarding existed. One of our first affiliations was with the Dade County Medical Association and a center called The Medical Service Bureau of Miami. Over the years this service grew with the help of many members of Miami’s medical community. The Miami Medical Answering Service Bureau grew into My Telephone Secretary, and later Our Telephone Secretary Answering Service. While names have changed over the years, our dedication to our clients and this great city, Miami, Florida has not.


As mentioned above, when we started in the answering service business call forwarding was only a dream in Miami.  Most of our answering service clients connected to us via an expensive “off-premise extension” which was basically a private pair of wires running from the doctor’s office through Miami to the answering service.  These lines took a while to get set up by the phone company, back in those days it was called “Southern Bell”.  This resulted in a very low cancellation rate because of huge fees involved to move your OPX from one service to another.  Just before the invention of call forwarding a company called Amtelco came up with a device called the Call Diverter.  This little box would use two regular phone lines to connect your calls to the answering service, eliminating the need for the private line.  It was only about a year later (just as the little box started to catch on) that the phone company released the call forwarding feature in Miami.  Answering services around the country came together and formed an alliance, one which we participated in, to show the phone companies the need for a solution that would eliminate the needs for an OPX.  The solution was released at almost the same time as the call forwarding feature and was called DID, which stands for Direct Inward Dial.  This technology combined with call forwarding eliminated OPX from our vocabulary in Miami.  Clients still use the traditional call forwarding with their answering service.  On our end things have gotten much more reliable.  We have moved through age of the T1 and are currently using PRI technology to deliver our calls.  Our company is aggressively working with our vendors, competitors, and the VoIP community as we believe the Voice over IP and answering service combined gives us a powerful edge in Miami.  Put that together with our bilingual services and you’ll see why we are the number one answering service in Miami.

Miami Answering Service has transformed over the years shrinking from a number of smaller answering services down to a few larger companies.  Miami proves to be a unique market with certain advantages and disadvantages but ultimately our company owes its very existence to our original clients in Miami-Dade County, FL.


As the first reseller of pagers for PageNet Miami we delivered alMiami Answering Servicephanumeric pagers to our Miami customers before any of our competitors.  Reselling tone, voice, and digital pagers for companies like Contact Gabriel, Dial Page of Miami, and Tel-Car paging combined with our private voice paging terminal and tower brought us into the 90s strong.  Once partnered with PageNet we had the strength to carry on into the next century.  Innovations like 800 MHz trunked radios, Nextel walkie-talkies, and the more recently the Blackberry and the I-phone, have allowed us to deliver new options to our clients as they become available.  Our goal has always been to be as cutting edge in the the answering service industry as Miami has proven to be in our nation’s history.

The University of Miami, the Miami Housing and Urban Development, and the Miami Children’s Hospital are just some of the local establishments that have asked us to serve them. Together with North Shore Hospital we launched the first “doctor’s only” tone and voice VHF paging system. In the mid 90s we acquired Miami’s only “For Doctor’s Only” answering service from Coral Gables Hospital. Although we would like to mention all of the people who helped us become the number one Miami answering service there’s just not enough room.

Anyone looking for high-quality Telephone Answering Services in Miami-Dade County should feel free to call or email and communicate directly with the owner of Miami's finest Answering Service, A Live Answer, Inc.

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Miami Answering Service

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A Live Answer is an equal opportunity employer providing Miami Bilingual Telephone Answering Service.

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